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Our Themes for 2017/18: 

Sep - Oct: 'Once Upon A Time' 
Nov - Dec: 'Twinkle Twinkle' 
Jan - Feb: 'Yummy In My Tummy' 
Mar - Apr: 'My Home Is My Castle' 
May - June: 'Old Macdonald' 

Christmas Stockings 

We have really loved seeing and hearing about the Christmas stockings that have been lovingly created by our P1s and their families. They are fantastic! Well done to everyone. The aim of this homework was to encourage some creative time together amongst the busyness in the run-up to Christmas - thank you for all your hard work! Merry Christmas!  

Posting Our Santa Letters 

Have a look at our photos from our visit to Laurelvale Post Office!  

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Cinderella's Ball 

P1 Princes and Princesses attended Cinderella's ball today. We had popcorn and watched Cinderella on the Interactive White Board and then danced at the ball! We even had disco lights. 
Unfortunately, the clock struck twelve and it was time to go home.  
Enjoy your half-term break!  

Pumpkin Soup 

We made pumpkin soup with Mrs Dalzell. To help, we chopped up vegetables and scooped out the insides of the pumpkin. 
All of us tried some - most even got seconds! 
Thank you Mrs Dalzell!  

Pumpkin Play 

Primary 1 and Primary 2 had lots of fun painting, scooping and rolling pumpkins.  

The Fallen Tree 

After an unexpected two days off school, we noticed that a big tree had fallen in our playground. P1 had a look to see if we could find out what had happened.  
After much discussion of the Big Bad Wolf blowing it down, the Woodcutter chopping it down on his way to save Litte Red and even deciding it was not Jack's beanstalk, we came to the conclusion it must have been Storm Ophelia.  
Here is a picture of us trying to huff and puff and blow it back!  

Beat the Wolf! 

Do you remember we made fairy cakes to help Little Red's Granny one Wednesday? Well, the next day Little Red was going to deliver them but we realised that they were gone!! We looked high and low for them in the classroom. It wasn't Miss Kelly, or Mrs Dalzell. It wasn't anyone in P1 and it wasn't even Mrs Douglas! The only person who could have taken them, we decided, was the Big Bad Wolf! To help us think straight, we had a shake break, but during it Miss Kelly's phone rang and she was told to look at her emails. The Big Bad Wolf had sent a message and when we read it we realised he had taken the cakes and was on his way to Granny's...he was very hungry! We doned our wolf ears and became the Little Wolf Cub Pack to keep us safe.  
We had a few challenges to complete to lead us to the fairy cakes. We found 5 differences in a Little Red Riding Hood spot the difference on the Interactive Whiteboard, went on a scavenger hunt to find 4 hidden tricky words in the corridor and make a sentence. Outside, we had a number hunt using the cars in the car park and ran to our tricky words which were written on the playground using chalk. A 'claw mark' was spotted on the playground and after following it into the garden we soon found the wolf himself sleeping in the trees! Thankfully, the brave Little Wolf Cub Pack were able to sneakily get the cakes and run back to class!  

Helping Granny 

Mrs Dalzell got a phonecall from granny who is feeling a little poorly. She has asked us to decorate buns for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her to help her feel better. Little Red Riding Hood visits granny on Thursday's and we have found out that that is tomorrow. We have been busy this morning transforming plain old buns into beautiful fairy cakes, complete with a sprinkling of fairy dust to add a little magic. However, there have been lots of little wolf cubs running around...we are hoping the Big Bad Wolf doesn't find out....!! 

Little Red Riding Hood 

Have a look at our literacy activities this week! We worked with Miss Kelly to sequencethe fairy tale into beginning, middle and end. Mrs Dalzell helped us with our tricky words, 'I', 'am', 'mum' and we exercised our fine motor skills with threading and independent activity. 

Welcome to Primary 1! 

This week we have welcomed our lovely brand new Primary 1 boys and girls to Mullavilly. We've had lots of fun and will be beginning to settle in over the next few weeks. Have a look at some of our play time activities. See you all next week! 
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