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Term 3 Home Learning - Weeks 6 - 10 

Hello everyone! 
The last 5 weeks of term is a lot more laid back and based around our new mini-topic 'Colour'. You will have collected your last home-learning packs already: Literacy, Numeracy, Other Activities and resources. These booklets can be completed in your own time in a way that works best for you. There is roughly one Literacy and one Numeracy per day and there will be no learning videos or pdf documents for these as there has been previously - they are practise of what you have been doing already.  
Below I am uploading other practical and fun activities for you. I am sorting them into weeks below, however this is simply to not overwhelm you. Pick and choose what activities you and your child would like to do at any time. Do as many or as few as you like, whatever suits you, your family and your routine best!  
There will be a picture and heading for each activity uploaded. If the heading is underlined, you can click on it for more information. If it is not underlined there is no additional information. Some maybe have the heading 'coming soon' and these will be updated as soon as possible. 
I hope this all makes sense! Have fun! :)  

P1 Show and Tell Zoom! Click here for information. 

Last day to get in touch about Zoom Show and Tell is now Friday 5th June. 

Week 10 

Play Phonopoly (in pack) 

Potato/vegetable printing 

Coming soon! 

Week 9 

About Me Rainbow (in pack) 

Noah and the Flood (Colouring page in pack) 

Make a Clock (in pack) 

Make a fruit salad - how many different colours? 

Week 8 

My Favourite Colour Writing (in pack) 

Pebble Drop - make your own and leave in community! 

P1 Show and Tell Zoom! 

Week 7 

Colour Hunt (in pack) 

Mixing Colours 

Thank you note 

Week 6 

P1 Project 

Stick Wands 

The Lost Sheep (Colouring page in pack) 

The Mud Pie Listen to the story - pause and let children read! Can you make a mud pie outside?! 

Term 3 Home Learning - Week 5 

Click on the links below to see the learning activities and videos for your learning packs! (Just click on the links within the pdf document for videos). 
Hello everyone! 
I just wanted to pop on and leave a note today. This is the last week of your current home-learning pack and I hope you have all got on the best that you can! 
Over the past few weeks, your home learning pack has been working on core skills that we teach in P1 and these are built on in P2. I hope you've found the activities and the helpsheets/photos here on the website helpful and easy to follow. 
Remember, if things don't go to plan - don't stress. It's not home school! 
The picture beside shows you that you are probably doing a lot of learning everyday.  
I'm excited to upload what I have for you for the final 5 weeks of term for our mini-topic 'Colour'. It is a lot less structured and more consolidation activities to keep practising these core skills, as well as fun, practical things to do! I will explain more next week! 
Don't panic - I am planning to keep up this set of 5 weeks on the website incase you want to look back, so there is no pressure to have everything finished before moving on. 
Sending a big wave to all my team!!  
Hope that you are all safe, healthy and happy :)  
This week is 'World Mental Health Week.' 
One way of looking after our minds is being kind to others and ourselves.  
Have a look at the wellbeing poster to the right for some ideas to practise kindness! 
It is also very important to talk to friends, family and safe adults if you are feeling sad, confused, angry, lonely (as well as all positive emotions!). 

Term 3 Home Learning - Week 4 

Click on the links below to see the learning activities and videos for your learning packs! (Just click on the links within the pdf document for videos). 
Here are a few extra ideas. 
Left: art (can be extended to drawing/painting), fine motor skills, appreciating the world around us. 
Above: attention and listening skills, gross motor skills, movement. 
Right: a practical way to explore simple addition. 

Term 3 Home Learning - Week 3 

Click on the links below to see the learning activities and videos for your learning packs! (Just click on the links within the pdf document for videos). 
Hi everyone! 
I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lovely sunshine this past while. Don't forget to send photos of how you are getting on to Mrs McClimonds' email address (on homepage) and she will pass on to me - i'd love to see you all!  
Please don't feel any pressure with the home-learning booklets or activities that I post here. Just do what you can and what works best for your family! I've purposely left up each weeks learning since Easter so you can look back if you miss any or want to look again.  
Remember - you are NOT 'home-schooling.' These are learning activities to keep things ticking along until we can get back to school again and if they don't work some days, that is OK! Stop, and try again another time, or do something else.  
Team P1: hello to you! Miss Kelly misses seeing your smiley faces each day and hearing all your stories. I hope you are enjoying being at home with your families and are getting outside to play lots in the sun! Remember to always try your best and be kind to each other (especially mummies and daddies). We are so proud of you all!  
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon :)  
Here are some steps to make a paper frog. 
If you make it with card or a few sheets of paper together it will be sturdier and easier to bounce! 
Maybe you and other people in your house could make one each and have a race with them? 
Don't forget to colour/decorate your frog to make it stand out! 

Term 3 Home Learning - Week 2 

Click on the links below to see the learning activities and videos for your learning packs! (Just click on the links within the pdf document for videos). 
I'm sure you have noticed a lot of rainbows since you've been off school! 
It is so lovely to see people making, colouring, displaying and sharing rainbows of all different shapes and sizes and made in so many different ways. 
We have been using rainbows to thank all are doctors, nursers, carers and key workers for all of their hard work. 
God also uses rainbows. He first used a rainbow to make a promise to Noah in the Bible. I would love you to read that story this week! 
Can you learn the colours of the rainbow in order? Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. 
Here is a rainbow guide to help us pray :)  
Hello everyone! 
I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break with lots of fun, family and chocolate, of course!  
I have had a lovely week - my daily walks are my favourite part of the day, especially because the sun has been shining, and I was very excited to have an Easter egg! Can you guess what type it was?!  
I have updated this page with this week's learning sheets for Literacy, Numeracy and the 5 week plan for World Around Us. Please, please, please do not feel any pressure with any of this. If it's not a good day - stop! Sometimes, doing every day things like helping to cook, talking about what makes you happy or finding interesting things on your walk, is enough learning for the day! Or if things are going great and you could do another activity from that weeks learning, work away. Do what works for you. You are all doing a great job (kids and home-learning-heroes!).  
Miss you all, 
Miss Kelly :)  
P.S my Easter egg was chocolate buttons! YUM! 

Term 3 Home Learning - Week 1 

Click on the links below to see the learning activities and videos for your learning packs! (Just click on the links within the pdf document for videos). 

 Look at the picture for some activities you could choose from...just for fun!      I think I'll have a disco!     

Daniel and the Lions  

We have read this story in P1 over the past few weeks and we decided to share it for us to remember that we are well looked after! Here is a link to the one of our favourite songs - King of Me (Rend Co Kids) - click title! 

Our Themes for 2019/20: 

Sep - Oct: 'Once Upon A Time' 
Nov - Dec: 'Twinkle Twinkle' 
Jan - Feb: 'Yummy In My Tummy' 
Mar - Apr: 'My Home Is My Castle' 
May - June: 'Old Macdonald' 

Class Visit 

We were very lucky today to have a visit from two dental nurses. They taught us how to brush our teeth properly, when to brush our teeth and which foods are good or bad for our teeth. Thank you so much, we had lots of fun! 

Visit to Laurelvale Post Office 

We went for a lovely walk this morning to post our Santa letters in Sam's Shop! 

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 

Not us! 
Yesterday we had a note from Little Red Riding Hood asking us to decorate some biscuits for her Granny who was sick. We knew she was coming today, however, all the biscuits had disappeared!! After a phonecall from the Big Bad Wolf we followed some clues to find our biscuits in a basket in the garden along with... a sleeping wolf! Don't worry, the Primary 1 wolf cubs were very sneaky and have scared the wolf away for good (and we got to eat the biscuits!).  
We had lots of challenges to do, such as: spot the difference, matching words that rhyme, tricky words, movement memory, number hunt and finding things that are red! 
Here we are getting a sneaky photograph under the tree with the wolf tail! 

Come and Play! 

It was a beautiful, sunny morning for some outdoor play! Today we had bubbles, instruments, ball games and bug boxes. 

Welcome to Primary 1! 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Dalzell were very excited to welcome all of the new P1 boys and girls. We have had lots of fun getting used to our new classroom and routine. Well done, everyone! 
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