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Term 3 Home Learning week 6-10 
Hello everyone, 
The last 5 weeks of term 3 will be a lot more laid back, consolidating topics that have already been covered through the year. You will have already recieved your learning pack, with your Literacy, Numeracy and other resources. These booklets are to be completed at your own pace. I have recommended completing one Literacy and one Numeracy a day, however, this is only guidance and please do whatever works best for you and your child. As this is all revision, there will not be a weekly upload of PDF files and videos to go alongside the work.  
I have uploaded some practical activities for you and your child to complete including science experiments, baking and poem writing, all based on the topic of 'rainbows'. I have included more information below :) 
I will also be uploading a mini project to be completed at your own pace.  
Please continue to send us pictures of your work and activities as we love to see how you are all getting on and we miss you all very much! 
Thank you for your continued support, 
Miss Cochrane :)  
Because rainbows have been around so much lately, from showing our thanks to the NHS to providing hope for when we can see our family and friends again, I thought it would be nice for the last couple of weeks of term to make this into our own mini topic. 
I have uploaded some ideas based around rainbows and most of these are exciting and fun practical activities to do as a family. I have also written short instructions or explanations about what I would like you to do. 
These are additional activities on top of your Numeracy and Literacy revision and are completely voluntary! 
Rainbow poem 
I have linked a template to the poem. You don’t need to print this one out this is just an example. You can draw your own rainbow and write your own lines. For example, a rainbow is as red as a strawberry, as orange as a basketball… 
rainbow poem template - click here 
Grow your own rainbow! 
All you need is: 
Tissue paper 
Markers/felt tips 
Watch the YouTube video below to see how to grow your very own rainbow at home :) 
Hidden rainbow 
All you need is: 
Tissue paper 
Markers/felt tips 
Draw your rainbow onto tissue paper. Can you remember the right order of the colours? Colour over your colours in black carefully. 
Add water to show your hidden rainbow! 😊 
How many colours can you make by mixing two colours? 
Can you make purple by mixing two colours? 
Can you make green by mixing two colours? 
Can you make orange by mixing two colours? 
Primary 2 'bake off' 
Please do not be put off by the name! I know how much team p2 enjoyed making our pancakes way back in February, so I thought it would be fun for you all to create your own rainbows using food. You might want to make rainbow cupcakes, sort skittles into a rainbow or create your own rainbow skewers – I’m going to give this a go and upload my photo soon! Please send any photos to Mrs McClimonds email as I would love to see your creations!  
This is a link to a rainbow cupcake recipe, these look yummy! 
Here are a few photos of examples. 
Hello everyone, 
Just a little note to say well done on reaching week 5 in your learning packs!  
So far, the work that has been sent home has been of a similar format to the work that would have been completed in school. I have been preparing work to complete over the next few weeks to consolidate learning and revise previously learning - I will leave the past 5 weeks work up as I know everyone is working at their own pace which is absolutely fine :). You are all doing a great job, please don't feel any pressure with this work and continue to do what works best for you and your family!  
I hope everyone is enjoying spending quality time together and continuing to work on our outdoor bingo :)  
This is just a little note from me and the famous "Mullavilly Max" - I know the children will be much more excited to see his face than mine!  
We all miss you very much :)  
Term 3 Home learning - Week Five 
Please remember to go over your phonics and High Frequency Words on a daily basis :) 
Talk together and discuss which book has been your favourite book over the past five weeks and why. How much can you remember about the book?  
I have written at the bottom I would upload a 2D shape page. For some reason it won't upload. Please create your own 2D shape drawings :) 
Term 3 Home Learning - Week Four 
Please remember to go over your phonics and high frequency words on a daily basis.  
Please use this 2D shape poem to remember your 2D shapes :) it's fun to learn together! 
Meet the shapes (left) 
Please learn this shape poem to help remember the names of the 4 main 2D shapes. Please send us photos of your own 2D picture creations :) 
Butterfly art (right) 
Fold your butterfly template (an adult might need to help with this part) 
Colour in one half of your butterfly with paint - make them colourful! Fold it over onto the other side and look at your lovely creation. Did you know butterflies wings are exactly the same on both sides? 
Try and make your own butterflies at home. If you don't have paints at home, don't worry! Try it with colour pencils instead and colour both sides with the same design :)  
Term 3 Home Learning - Week Three 
Please remember to go over your spellings and your high frequency words on a daily basis. 
I have included a PowerPoint to help you with Thursday and Friday's Numeracy - click here.  
Can you remember what all 5 of your senses are? Try and include them all in your poem :)  
Outdoor bingo! 
See how many of these exciting things you can do outside this week, I hear the weather is going to be lovely :). Please remember to send Mrs McClimonds any pictures of your learning, indoors or outdoor, I would love to see how you're all getting on :)  
I think I might paint some stones I collect on my daily walk! 
Miss Cochrane :) 
Term 3 Home Learning - Week Two 
Please remember to go over your High Frequency Words as well as your spellings on a regular basis :) 
I have attached a half past worksheet that you can print out or just look at together for half past times - click here to open. 
try and use some WOW words when writing about the picture :)  
We love singing this song during class and in assembly - give it ago at home! See if you can remember any of the actions! 
Primary 2 loved listening to these songs by 'The Storybots' during class! Please listen to them and have a little look at their other songs - the kids were great at learning the words and the actions :)  

Our Themes for 2019/20: 

Sep - Oct: 'Let's Celebrate' 
Nov - Dec: 'Dinosaurs' 
Jan - Feb: 'One Small Step For Man' 
Mar - Apr: 'New Beginnings' 
May - June: 'Let's get Building' 

Weighing using non-standard units 

Primary 2 have been enjoying using pan balance skills to weigh a number of objects you would find in the classroom. This week, Primary 2 have been investigating how many cubes a number of items weigh. They have also enjoyed working as part of a group and using mathematical language such as "balancing", "heavier" and "lighter". Here are pictures of Primary 2 doing some investigating! 

All About Space 

Primary 2 are really enjoying learning all about Space. We especially enjoy play based learning where we get to complete space jigsaws, art activities and even play in our very own space ship and rocket! Have a look at all of our photos.  

Mullavilly Max's Birthday Party  

Primary 2 had a great time planning and organizing a Party for Max on his Birthday. They designed party invites and cards and wrote a list of party food. Everyone had a fantastic time playing traditional birthday games such as musical statues and pass the parcel. We all sang Happy Birthday to Max and had lots of fun!  

Our First Week back in Primary 2!  

Welcome Back! We have had a fantastic couple of days in Primary 2 and everyone has settled really well into school life. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the pupils and hearing about their Summer adventures. We have had a busy few days getting to know all the new routines in Primary 2. Here are some pictures of our first day back. Enjoy!  

Useful Websites for Primary 2 

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