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Our Themes for 2018/19: 

Sep - Oct: 'Let's Celebrate' 
Nov - Dec: 'Dinosaurs' 
Jan - Feb: 'One Small Step For Man' 
Mar - Apr: 'New Beginnings' 
May - June: 'Let's get Building' 

Practical numeracy 

In Primary 2 we have been learning about weight and the language associated with it for example "heavier" and "lighter". The children were working in their table groups to weigh a pencil case using a variety of non-standard units including cubes, pencils and coins. Before we started the children gave an estimation before seeing if their estimation was correct! The children thoroughly enjoyed working as part of a group and getting the opportunity to use the two-pan scales!  

Signs of Spring 

Primary 2 had a great time on our Spring walk on Monday morning. We took a walk around the school, looking for different signs of Spring, using all of our five senses. We saw lots of different signs of Spring around the school including lovely daffodils, birds nests and even some cherry blossom! We could also hear the birds singing in the trees and we could smell the freshly cut grass - we had such fun!  

'One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind...' 

We had a great time at the Planetarium as part of our Space topic. We were able to tell Helen (our guide) everything we knew about Space and she was so impressed. To start, we ate our break before feeling a real life meteorite. Then, we took a journey through Space like we were in the cinema, except the screen was on the roof! After that, we had the opportunity to make our own rockets and blast them into Space. Finally, we grabbed some lunch before playing in 'Mars'. 

To infinity and beyond...... 

In P2 we started into our Space topic this week with a special focus on Planet Earth. We are so excited to learn more about space travel, the different planets and even design our own aliens for Space in a few weeks. 

Children In Need 2018 

We have had lots of fun preparing for our big Children In Need fundraising day this week. Everyone was very excited as Pudsey arrived and spent some time with us at our tea party and danceathon. A huge thank you to all the parents who dressed their children and donated money! 

A huge thanks goes out to Belle's Granny who has so kindly styled Max the Monkey for us. The children were so excited that Max is now officially wearing our Mullavilly uniform as modelled by Belle and Max! 

Outdoor pumpkin play! 

Today we had outdoor play with P1 to paint and roll our pumpkins to see the types of patterns they made. Each P1 had a P2 partner to share their pumpkin with. We had so much fun, and the rain even stayed off for us!  
Stay tuned to see what we do with out left over pumpkins next week..... 

Here comes the bride.... 

We were learning all about weddings and talking about Elmer's Special day which made us think about special days that we have had. Even though we wore Black & White on Friday, we had very colourful masks. Can you recognise us? 

Happy Birthday Max! 

Our first week in Primary 2! 

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