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PRIMARY 6 Teacher: Mr Martin Scroll down to see our latest photos and curricular links! 

Well it's hard to believe we've nearly made it to June! I really want say a massive well done for everything you have managed to accomplish during your extended time at home. Having seen and heard about some of the things you guys have been up to has been enjoyable and if your anything like me the nice weather has been a big part of not getting to bored - I don't want to hear that you've spent most of this inside playing computer games! 
Parents, you guys are doing a great job balancing everything - thank you for your hard work! 
The final packs that you have recieved are mostly revision in as far as Numeracy and Literacy go. The topics and skills for each week will be those that will be of great benefit in preparing for life in Primary 7. Like the coverletter had stated, these are not as rigid as the previous packs and activites are to be spread over the entire week at your descretion. I have also included some fun things to do at the back of each weeks pack - some science and technology based challenges which will be a nice change and maybe even to have a competition with a sibling or family member. 
Im still here if any of you need any help or guidance - please do not hesitate to get in touch for whatever reason! 
I'm really hoping to be able to see some of you guys before the school year ends! 
Take care! 
Mr Martin 
Hopefully by now you should have recieved your Term 3 packs! As before, i've put some of the links that may be useful to help as you work through these in an attached PDF. Simply click the appropiate link for each week. 
If you have any problems or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
WEEK 1: 
WEEK 2: 
WEEK 3: 
WEEK 4: 
WEEK 5: 
So for Term 3 we were supposed to be looking at 'Textiles' as our WAU topic. 
Over the course of this week, try asking older family members about what they know about the Textile industry within Northern Ireland in years gone by. (The older the family member the more information you should be able to get - Grannies, Grandads or even Great relatives if you have them) 
Have a rummage through your wardrobe and look for anything that might be too small for you. With help from someone older try and make a sign, a flag, or even a rainbow to support the NHS with the different pieces of textiles you find.  
Be as creative as you can! 
Happy Easter!! 
Mr Martin here! I just wanted to check in and I hope everyone is coping at home and away from the hustle and bustle of our classroom. I've been pretty impressed so far by some of the things that you guys have completed and sent to us. Make sure over the next few weeks, you guys have a break from the school work and do as many fun things as you can (within your own homes obviously). I'll bet you some of you are even missing weekly comprehensions and would love nothing more than a recorder session with Miss Cochrane! Please make sure you don't give your folks too hard of a time. 
Parents/guardians, you guys have done a great job so far and please don't be worrying if everything doesn't get completed - enjoy the time and think of the memories! 
Stay safe! 

Our Themes for 2019/20: 

Sept - Dec: ' Titanic' 
Jan - Mar: 'Fairtrade' 
Apr-June: 'Textiles' 
Starting the year off right! 
January saw the start of 2020 and Primary 6 came back with as much vigour as when they left. This has been a great month and the standards that are upheld within our school have been especially noticed within our class. Primary six achieved class of the week, due to their conduct around school and were rewarded with an afternoon in the park. 
Two individuals to mention in particular, displayed the essence of what true friendship is. Pictured below, Joel Cardwell and Callum Adair were awarded special certificates for using initiative in helping a fellow classmate in crutches, through constant encouragement and a willingness to go out of their way to help. 
Well done boys! 

Life in Primary 6 You can probably tell from the amount of posts, that life in Primary 6 has been extremely busy to date. We have been hard at work, learning about the Northern Irish Industry; with a focus on the production of the Titanic by Harland and Wolff. Having learned lots of new and interesting information, decided to give sketching the ship herself using charcoal. This gave a great opportunity to learn new drawing techniques and how smudging can be used to enhance our drawings.  

Useful Websites for Primary 6 

Language & Literacy 

Mathematics and Numeracy 

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