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PRIMARY 7 Teacher: Mrs Nesbitt & Mrs Murray Classroom Assistant: Miss McAdam Scroll down to see our latest photos and curricular links! 

Useful Home Learning Links for P7! 

Dear All,  I'm putting together work for the home straight! Your work for the rest of the term is revision material and a few screen free challenges! Mrs McClimonds will give you more details about when to collect this 3rd learning pack.  It's time to reflect on your memories of Primary School, your P7 year and of course the Coronovirus lockdown! I was thinking about a few things I've done during my time at home! These include learning how to plait the girls' hair, finding a new love for my favourite, childhood dessert Angel Delight and embracing my natural hair colour! Random I know... I've actually loved taking some time to read a few great books. Also I've enjoyed writing your reports - thank you for giving me such great things to say about you throughout the year.  My time with you has been a joy and I'm only sorry it was cut short... Hang in there for the next while and keep busy in a good routine. We'll meet again don't know where don't know when... actually you know where to find me when this is all over - Mullavilly Primary School! Don't be a stanger! Please call in and update us on your future adventures! Stay home and stay safe for now.  Love from: Mrs Nesbitt! 

Our Themes for 2019/20: 

Sept - Dec: ' Famine - Past and Present' 
Jan - Mar: 'Weather, Climate and Eco-Systems' 
Apr - June: 'The Human Body' 

Keeping Fit in the New Year Using Phonics! Every week we try a different strategy to help us learn our spellings. This week we are using a 'Jumping Jacks' strategy! We say the sounds in the word while doing jumping jacks!   

Ulster American Folk Park - Famine and Emigration! 
We experienced life in Famine times - although we were very well fed with freshly-baked cornbread and pancakes! Also we voyaged to America!  
And all this in one day trip!  

Summer Show and Tell 

We are really enjoying presenting our Summer Show and Tell to the class! 
Useful Websites for Primary 7 

Language & Literacy 

Mathematics and Numeracy 

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